Tuesday, December 20, 2016

When it all seems like too much, Meditate!

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I saw a post on Facebook the a few months ago that really made me happy. It said that there is a school that changed Detention to Meditation Time.! That is Amazing! Meditation helps with a lot of aggression issues! As well as Anxiety, *with that, I know first hand! 
Then a few days ago I ran into these couple of websites. 

I know Meditation is a very good thing, I was even in Meditation Groups in High School, MYS Meditation Yoga Service! I had a lot of fun, but I wasn't very good at meditating, I didn't feel I was doing it right. I had constant thoughts that I couldn't stop, every little sound would turn into a song in my head, There was no OFF switch!! 

Mindful Bubble Bath!

 Over the years I have learned to steady my thoughts, and though I don't meditate as often as I would like, I do take time to turn regular everyday tasks and crafts into meditating, Like Doing The Dishes, Taking a bath or having a facial (Pamper yourself Mindful with #PerfectlyPosh!!) Ironing, Knitting, DOODLING! Everything has it's way to achieve mindfulness.  

Meditate opElevate

The mere fact that Meditation can reduce Cancer!! (And there has been cancer in my family :-( But, We have survivors!) I know if They can beat Cancer, They can keep from getting it again!! We just have to take care of Each Other & Ourselves, Make Each Other and Ourselves HAPPY & Calm!!!  Pamper Ourselves and Our Loved Ones!!!

The fact that Successful People Meditate doesn't surprise me one bit!! I think I will NOW MEDITATE MORE OFTEN!

When it all seems like too much, Meditate!!!

#Calm #Meditate #Meditation, #Mindfulness, #ReduceRiskOfCancer, #Successful #ReduceAggression #BeatCancer #SuccessfulPeople #PerfectlyPosh #DayzSparklePosh #MindfulBubbleBath #PamperYourselfMindful


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