Friday, December 4, 2015

Banned on an art site??


Banned on an Art Site??

    Ok, SO I have been getting crafty and artsy this season, and trying to get more viewers on my my art sites, Cafepress, as well as all my blogs. I am going Premium on my Fine Art America   (its free to join as an artist and you can also sign up as a collector so you can buy prints of my paintings! Very soon I will have Collectors pieces, signed prints! I will keep you updated!

   The reason I am writing now, however, is because I am slightly agitated. First Zazzle, a great company in their own right BANNED my Marilyn Anxiety piece, They wouldn't give me an absolute REASON ( emailed several times and always got the same response, a page stating why things would be flagged on their site, but I saw NOTHING specifically would be the reason MY picture was offensive. I was mad but got over it because I have many other resources. 
  Until today, that is. Today I went to my Cafe Press, Another amazing site that you can put images and graphics on all kinds of products! But today I was shocked to find that my Marylin Anxiety pieces had been in their words Image Pended  (Follow the link to find out what their page says about Image Pended)
   This is the second time my art has caused a stir! BANNED ON 2 Sites? (well you know what they say, if people love it, or try to ban it, you are doing your job as an artist, you are bringing out extreme emotion, powerful enough to cross barriers, strong enough to travel through time.
  Why, because Marilyn Monroe was just a "Sexy Bombshell"? Marilyn Monroe was FAR more than that, she was a real woman, and far more intelligent then people actually know. You should really look into reading a biography about her. She also was a sufferer of extreme anxiety, depression, and extreme insomnia which people do not think about, heck, most people don't know at all! All they look at is her measurements and those pouty lips, and come hither eyes. 

This is exactly what they showed me

 I am actually pretty annoyed because I put myself into that work, I felt like I related to Marilyn on a deeper level. I felt like I could relate to a women that women wished they could be but some do not understand. Well I believe THAT is why so MANY women related to her so much, not because she was beautiful, EVERY woman is beautiful. No, They secretly relate because deep down inside, they know she has a real side, A side like them, one who feels insecure sometimes, one who worries, one who sometimes just doesn't want to go outside. If more people knew this side of her, they would focus on themselves more, seek the help they need If Marilyn had known there were others like her, someone who feels like her, Someone to talk to about her inner self, she could have very well been saved. 
             I will continue to put my Marilyn Anxiety piece up and just hope that it will be seen as it is. 
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You CAN find it on my Fine Art America in a variety of different uses, Prints, Throw Pillows, Even IPHONE Cases!

*Update I forgot to add the link of what Cafe Press WILL all me to post. I will figure out whether I want to dispute it or not. 
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"We should never be ashamed of who we are, We should only be ashamed of those who try to make us hide who we truly are." -Daynah Therese Pedersen
and by all means, Please, if you suffer from depression, there are more people out there who know what you are going through. There are MANY people to talk to, whether friends or family, or maybe even at a free clinic. YOU ARE LOVED! YOU ARE DIVINE! DON'T EVER FORGET THAT!

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