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Oh Freddy! Not The Retrograde Again!

What Is A Mercury Retrograde?

The Mercury Retrograde sucks. If you don't know what that is, you are either blessed, or just haven't noticed it. But it is still there lurking behind every corner waiting to mess up your train of thought, or your vacation plans.

Three times a year, sometimes 4, for Three weeks at a time people go insane. No, not really but it really FEELS like this is true sometimes, including myself. 

What is actually happening? 

describes it best saying

Ever have a week when nobody understands you? Your cell phone erases itself, people argue over nonsense, traffic sucks, and your computer crashes as you’re typing the last sentence of your Great American Novel. Flights are delayed or cancelled, or you forget your passport at home on the way to Mexico. Plans change without warning and your friends stand you up. Even if you’re already a drama queen, this is just BEYOND.

Three or four times a year, Mercury passes the earth in its orbit. As it rounds the bend, Mercury slows down and appears to stop (station) and spin backward (retrograde). Of course, it really ISN’T moving backward, but much like two trains or cars passing each other, this creates the optical illusion that one (Mercury, in this case) is going backward.

Well said, and thank you AstroStyle for a great article 
click to read more, they have a LOT more info than I do!!

When Is The Retrograde?

Right now actually, it started a week ago..
 Thank goodness a third of the way through already!
(but it took me just over a week to get all this info together!)

August 30-September 22, 2016

 Plan for the first day of Fall to be when it all goes back to normal... Well kind of (there is the Shadow Period, the Retrograde Woogy as I like to call it, (The Woogy is a Charmed reference, check it out)  (Or a Mary reference, There is just something about her, right? you know, Woogy aka Dom? lmfao) 

The Retrograde Woogie, or the Shaddow Period is the time leading up to, and following the retrograde. Yes technically it is a bit longer, but not as ANNOYING as the retrograde itself

Things that have happened to me 
 (or friends or family) in a retrograde

  •  I go to buy something, Use my card and type in my password.... wrong... three times. This literally just happened to me the other day. (CRAP, I thought I was using a different card.... Fog Brain Confusion!)
  • Waiting for someone to call because they said they would, and they thought you were going to call THEM... lack of communication leads to unnecessary arguments
  • Problems with Technology- phone isn't working like normal, Facebook and other web pages having loading issues happen FAR MORE during a retrograde than any other time, I swear! Texts not going through,  until hours later missing the event you were invited to...Your call stalls in the middle of the intersection, or there is a major brown or blackout for hours. Anything can happen.. think of Murphy when you hear Mercury Retrograde is coming...
  • Accidentally posting the wrong photo and OOPS, YOU got a scandal on your hands lots of celebrities go through this, but so do every day people, you just don't hear about it as much... I BET most of those happened during a retrograde
  • You go to buy something you NEED RIGHT NOW (like toilet paper or feminine products (something embarrassing usually) and OOPS, Lines are down, Can't run your card. do you have CASH? 
  • or  even "Whats the price on....." over the loud speaker (I count that as lack of communication, and lack of sense..fog brain on their account, I am sure you don't want them telling the whole store that you need a price on tampons or hemorrhoid cream This makes me think of a trivia question my uncle helped me win concert tickets for... What is the NUMBER #1 shop-lifted item among stores? Hemorrhoid Cream, Preparation H to be exact! They are avoiding the communication altogether I guess! But guess what... That is probably the time they will MOST LIKELY be caught. I would rather deal with the Price Check embarrassment!)
  •  Going on vacation, getting off the plane,  head to the hotel and the Taxi goes the wrong way costing you 2 times as much, and  when you finally get there, OOPS "YOU LOST MY RESERVATION?" What are you TALKING about, I made it MONTHS ago! We Verified!!) (lack of communication and technology screw ups
  • You are talking to a friend, in person or on the phone, and they continuously ask you to repeat yourself... I think of Will Farrell in Austin Powers when the retrograde comes around. 
  • You are in your car waiting at the light to turn green, and WTF, the light SKIPS you and someone ELSE gets to go when you have been waiting LONGER... yep, it does happen, especially during a retrograde.
  • Your thoughts tend to get jumbled as do your words, and don't come out the way you wanted, at all... (again has led to many unnecessary arguments. 
  • You and a friend get into a HUGE fight... over something stupid like the way something was said, and was taken the wrong way, or they THOUGHT you said something else TOTALLY different than what you DID say. (I NEVER hold a grudge when it comes to Retrogrades. They are FULL of unnecessary fights because of this. If we had a fight, and it was during a retrograde, argument stricken, USUALLY... unless it wasn't a misunderstanding lol) 
  • Order something in the mail, and BOOM... never shows, what happened to it...I hope you had tracking on it! 

I tend to see a lot of THIS during this time 

Today actually, Ironically, I was listing to a song called Anxiety by Aaron Salem and trying to re-tweet it... and this is what happened...


and while I tried to take a screenshot and then save it for my blog, I got THIS one...  

As I said to him on twitter, Looks like Mercury has hit him.

    What To Avoid During The Retrograde

A Mercury Retrograde is NOT the time to be making plans for big events, nor is it the time to HAVE big events, a wedding or even a long road trip across the country. You dont want to break down somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere  (hehehe, Hanson reference, I do this a LOT with a lot of names, anyway) *I dont know if its the retrograde, but I looked up Hanson.com and got heidelbergcement dot com  (I was trying to link Hanson to it, apparently they are .NET

Look at the dates before making any decisions. DEFINITELY do NOT sign any contracts or jump jobs during a retrograde, in the long run it will just come back in your face that you should have stayed where you were a little longer (the timeline of the movie Dick and Jane... I BET you he was in a retrograde when he got that job and screwed his life up)

Heck, I put off buying my own domain name because the retrograde just began! 

*Anxiety moment I know what will happen, and don't even get me started #anxietysucks !

Now, This is an anxiety site, and I don't WANT people to panic because they have never heard of the mercury retrograde, and now that they know, its all they think about. I know I did when I first was told. I started noticing EVERYTHING. Everything that went wrong, Must have been the retrograde, Damn that Retrograde. I even started designing SHIRTS

(I have the womens shirts as well, but I am here about the retrograde itself)

Don't be worried 
about the retrograde tough,
 This is a great time for RE-ANYTHING

Get in that garage and start going through all your stuff, sell what you dont need.
This also leaves you open for new things when the retrograde is over!

Take that old tablecloth you have been using forever, and put it up, Use the one that has been sitting in your closet for years!
It's time! When you ReDecorate during a retrograde, you take the focus off what drives you nuts, and focus on how you can make things better with what you already have!

Memberships that is
 (again do NOT sign up for new things, just renew things, Magazines, Gym Memberships that kind of thing)

with friends, but try not to talk TOO much, Go see a movie, make Pottery together. 
(JUST DON'T bring up the past argument you had, just FORGET it even happened)
(biggest tip during the retrograde, THINK before you SPEAK, AND Speak Clearly. This takes the "What?" "Sorry, What did you say" out of the equation most of the time. Plan your words so you KNOW what you are going to say, and how it will sound before you say it. You don't want another argument and lost friendship over when you said "Nice Hat" when they think you said "You're Fat" You know... Stupid Miscommunications!
(no this didn't happen to me, took a few minutes to come up with an example though!)

Review or Reread
(teachers, Please try to wait on pop quizzes til AFTER the retrograde It will be better for EVERYONE)
This is the best time to cram for tests, not take them. 
That leads to all kinds of added anxieties! A TEST during the Retrograde?? I hope this isn't an online test! You have a sharpener that isn't electric right? Please be multiple choice! I can't cope with an essay right now, my brain is backwards,Words just don't HAPPEN

Basically ANYTHING that starts with RE- is good  during a retrograde. Work with WHAT you already have, Organize it, and things will go smoother in no time.

Rewatch  or Listen
OK, this isn't really a thing, but I dont like to start new shows during a retrograde for fear of them being canceled, Or any other number of reasons...  *Anxiety moment All the shows I LOVE and start getting into get cancelled, #Firefly, #Don'tTrusttheB, #SamanthaWho, #Popstars (the original American Idol Before American Idol) and  #Freaks and Geeks!! So I leave this time to watch what I already have, and love. Leave the new shows for way after the retrograde. If they get canceled during this time i am taking off, I wont have to get into something that will just to be disappointed in being over later.  
Also, Listen to Queen. Freddy will make you forget you are even IN a retrograde sometimes! 
I really like the tweet below that brought these two together. Genius 

Oh and Cooks... 
Don't try to take on Dinner Parties with NEW recipes. 
You want a recipe for disaster? You will DEFINITELY have it! 
Just think of....

The Woogie episode
 I can almost bet that the storyline took place during a retrograde, 
all KINDS of mishaps with communication, technology, misunderstandings or misrepresentations 
(well they were possessed lol, but still)
 and in the KITCHEN!

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Anyway, Don't stress too hard about the retrograde, It happens whether you want it to or not, Just go with the flow and use these tips to ease through it the best you can. Three weeks go by quickly, after the first 2 weeks are over... lol 

Notable Links

 Old Farmers Almanac Mercury Retrograde Dates 2016
 Founded in 1792, probably mentions the retrograde every year, did you know that?
 Astro Style on Mercury Retrograde
This site has TONS more Do's and Dont's to go through, I had a lot of fun reading this one!

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BTW I saw this on twitter, and I just HAD to post it here! I even like the Title for this post!

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