Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Real Person Real Feelings

 Real Person Real Feelings 
(This is dedicated to you, Corey to tell your haters!)
By Daynah  
(This is a poem for all the people who talked mad sh!t about Corey Feldman 
about his latest performance on The Today Show.
Artists Grow,  but Stupid never does.
And remember, No Publicity is Bad Publicity
Every time you watch, even to make fun, you are GIVING HIM SUPPORT!! He Appreciates it! :-D

You think you're the sh!t,
or that you're funny, or cool.

Throwing words around,
like you don't have a soul.

You like to hide behind your
keyboard and screen.

When all you're REALLY doing,
is acting pompous and mean.

What if someone wrote or said
the same sh!t about you?

Whenever you talk, Hell,
anything that you do. 

You don't seem to realize what 
you say can actually hurt

A REAL person
with REAL feelings!

Don't you ever think first?
 I guess not...and you said it,

But you will never 
stop him.

He's and ARTIST, 
You're an ASS

GO 4 IT 

 Show Corey your support and buy Angelic 2 The Core  on Amazon today!

P.S. Any fan who made fun, was never a real fan in the first place!

#Go4It #CoreyFeldman #RealPersonRealFeelings #FELDFAN

Notable Links 

Corey Feldmans Official website
 Coreys Official Youtube Channel  
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 Corey Feldman on IMDB 

 (Coreys' words inspired me to write this poem)

 Watch Corey (smile) on the View 

And I bet you made at least one Angel Smile!

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