Sunday, November 29, 2015


I am grateful for my family, and our Thanksgiving this year was actually pretty decent, Food was great, at BOTH of my Thanksgivings at both my boyfriend, and my family's homes.   I loved seeing family, I haven't seen anyone in so long! I did, however, end up messing up and forgetting things, all over the place... When my family, who live out of state, came to bring my things back. (The soup pot was the wrong one, oh well, but the trip they made I am grateful for) The one thing that broke my heart was that they didn't take 5 minutes to come in to visit me in my new place, first place since that.... year before. I couldn't get down the stairs from the ankle break before, I didn't have my brace on, so my boyfriend went down to greet them. They gave him my things and said they would call. I know they are in a hurry, but I have had only one family member, well 2, together, visit me in my home since I moved in December, and before that, unless I lived with my mom, no one ever visited me for um, YEARS and years and years??  Not ONCE! (well, except my brother, once) Is it really that much to ask for 5 minutes to come in and see how I am doing? I have lots of family that live In or NEAR town, NOT that far at all, and never once visit me...(my guys mom visits, but thats pretty much it for family visiting... I ALWAYS go to them! Well NO MORE! Universe, Send my family to visit me, please?
Other than  that, thanksgiving was awesome! I am thankful to be home, and warm and full of amazing food and leftovers, and Happy! My life is Rich in Love and Creativity!

Notable Thanksgiving Photos (on the way to, and from my second dinner, I forgot to take pics at first, was too hungry!!!)

wow, Just now on my facebook, I found This 

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