Monday, April 11, 2016

New look, New life!

I have been playing with the layout, I think this looks great! Things have been going really well for me and my little family, reorganizing our home, and lots of meditation, as well as working on our new diet! My blood type says I should have a mainly vegetarian diet, so I am trying that for a month to see how I feel.  Smoothies are a plus! Having fun trying different ingredients seeing what I like best. I feel great so far, and I love coconut oil and Chia seeds. These ones, so far are full of recipes I like a lot. Check them out!
 Oh She Glows!

 I will post all my favorite recipes I like the most, especially if they are easy to make, and make me feel great. I can't wait to have internet, I will work on my blog daily, with a lot more info more often, and more art too!! Don't forget to subscribe to my blog!! Thank you so much for visiting!! I love you!!!

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