Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Aaron Salem - Anxiety

In Other Words

I was on twitter one day, and this guy and his song crossed my path, and I couldn't help but understand what he goes through, and wanted to share this song with the world.  If you have never heard of him, I suggest you go check him out. 
Ever since I have heard this song, I will forever be on #teamheavy 
And it has a great beat as well! Thank you Aaron, again for giving us the words! 
Aaron perfectly expresses the tortures we experience on a daily basis,
 even when others just don't understand.

Lyrics Video Below The Lyrics
(if you want to listen too)

Visit his official webpage

If you like this song, and know how he feels, Ease his anxiety and go buy it on I Tunes!  
And follow him on twitter!

(I am in no way affiliated with Aaron or his music, I just think it is important to share with the world!)

#teamheavy #Anxiety #AaronSalem #therightwords

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