Sunday, September 4, 2016

Cries over Fries

OK, I don't know How much about Art this is, but I am super emotional, and can't help but cry in MANY cases. And for me, I can't hold it back, I have to GO with the flow so to speak. That And I am the Random Recognizer, and this is a Random occurrence that happened to me (and my mom, Mamma Recognizer)

When I was young, I was OBSESSED with Chili Cheese Fries. My number one passion in life (actually I had/have Many #1 passions in life!) Nothing could keep me from them! And this Story will prove it! It will Also prove that Celebrities aren't just Fake and Heartless like many would LIKE to think of them. They are people just like us, with feelings and good intentions (sometimes)

Anyway, when my sister was about 3 turning 4, making me 12 years old, we went to Disneyland, (still my ONLY experience there to this date, and I got to only go on 2 or 3 rides)

 Anyway, we were in a little restaurant OUTSIDE of Disneyland Right NEAR the Disneyland Hotel, Near the hotel we were staying at

(I remember the red and white checkered tablecloths that you wipe down on regular picnic tables, and it was an order and pick up your food and take it to your own table kind of place) I REALLY wish I could remember the name of this place, Does anyone remember this? Is it still there? Will you add a comment if you know the place I am talking about!?

 So we had ordered our food, and mine came up last...

I went up and grabbed my Chili Cheese Fries and started walking to my table and SPLAT! I trip and fall, my fries go flying EVERYWHERE! A beautiful blond woman with blue eyes gets up and says "Oh HONEY, are you ok?" and the only think I could think of was "Yes but my CHILI CHEESE FRIES AREN'T!!" tears already streaming down my face. I was so embarrassed, especially since she had a REALLY cute teenage boy with her, just a little older than I was. She looked at me and smiled REALLY big and hands me a $20 bill, and says "Well, here, go get yourself some more then" with a big smile.

I asked her if she was sure, and when she said Yes I thanked her, over and over and went on to order my fries. Luckily the people at the counter saw this go down and had fries ready almost as soon as I ordered them. So I Went to her table and gave her her change, thanked her again many times, and she said, "Of Course!"

So, I am take my fries back to my table with my mom and baby sister, and my mom looks at me with a flabbergasted look and says "Do you realize who that was?" But I was so caught up and my eyes were still blurry from crying, that I actually didn't think of it.

All she said was "remember Overboard?"

and INSTANTLY I DID realize who it was!!!

I was so caught up in my own mess that I hadn't Realized that GOLDIE HAWN BOUGHT ME CHILI CHEESE FRIES! And She was sitting with her son Oliver, who is 5 years older than I am, When I first Saw his face, That is when I Instantly confirmed my experience. He didn't Start acting in movies until 1999 Anyway, As I was realizing who she was, she and her son were getting up to leave, Her son smiled at me (which I am SURE I blushed, HARD), and then she winked at me. I shot her a HUGE smile thanking her again for the fries, and they walked out. I never got an autograph, but who needs one when you have an experience like that!And To this day, I say "Thank you so much for the Chili Cheese Fries Goldie!" I am Incredibly grateful for your kind heart and generosity. It made my day and I will Never forget it!

This was  around the same time, At least the same year, they looked EXACTLY like this!  Disneyland is only a half hour from LA where they FILMED The Chevy Chase Show (and obviously probably where they lived. They could technically go whenever they wanted!

 The CHEVY CHASE Show (1993?) with Goldie Hawn and Oliver Hudson Before he was in movies!

 A longtime canceled show but This was a very cute moment, and I believe RIGHT around the same time as my experience.

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