Monday, June 8, 2015

My Cafe Press!!

OK, so the last Week has been pretty good! Good food, good conversation, only a couple minor bumps. But Today I have been working on my Cafe Press site, One I have had open for quite a while, but They have made a LOT of improvements in Navigation, so I am actually getting back into it! Check outMy Cafe Press Some of these pieces of art I can't get back, lost files, that are only on This site! (if I tried to put them on other sites, it will be far less quality!) Check back often to see if I have new stuff~! ALSO if you are a Store, You can purchase at Wholesale prices! I love that about this site! (just please don't mark up more than half of the price per shirt YOU paid! ( I need to make money too with it :-D Thank you!)

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