Tuesday, July 7, 2015

missing my bear and at a loss for words!

Ok, so I haven't posted in a while because of several things, I don't get to type.on a regular.computer, my computer.. it's hard to type on a tablet. I will have an extensive couple of posts when.I don't.have to deal.with cap locks and.perIODS BETWEEN WORDS...I reST MY CASE...I just wanted to post this inspiring Zentangle I found on Youtube. I absolutely love it and want to do stuff like it!! Again, I did NOT draw this, but I am inspired by it!! 
I need to find out how to make videos of me drawing too.
I also.wanted.to introduce you to.my new blog.  Since I have had tv here at Avamere Health Services of.Rogue Valley,  I have been thinking more.about my tv.movie trivia thing, of talent, that I can't help but do every time I recognize something, someone, or somewhere.I hope you like it!!
 Daynahz Random TV and Film Trivia Blog

Also being out my Kirmaan (what, nice.auto.correct.. not.kirmaan) my beautiful companion kitty I haven't been to handle things that well.without him. My boyfriend has been bringing.him in to see me almost.every night. He just left with him minutes ago... I'm already missing him like crazy!!

MY BEAR!!! My KREME!!! Every day my heart aches for him!!!

Anyway, I'm actually pretty tired, have a few things scheduled tomorrow but had to soak in second with my bear... goodnight!!!

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