Wednesday, July 8, 2015

serious panic attack.

Woke up with a.serious panic attack.I mean SERIOUS!! I threw UP (mind you this was only a pain.pill) I had had a horrible NIGHT MARE. I was in prison, getting moved, they wouldn't let me move my things, they were moving my boyfriends things BY THROWING THEM AROUND..WORST.ABSOLUTE.WORST.PART.WAS.... he wasn't there at.all..😔🙅😢😥😤  SO I WOKE.up and wasn't free from the dream, THEY a.pain pill, I ENDED UP throwING.UP.FOAM. I.doN'T THINK My PILL WAS.IN.IT, in hoPE... cried and was having panic aTTACK, bad baD... NEED MORE SLEEP... WILL TALK LATER more about this..


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