Monday, August 29, 2016

OUT of the dark ages!

Not having internet when I was young was NOTHING! whats that? Then I got into the basics of a webpage and making graphics, now living without internet for LOOOOONG periods of time is downright DEPRESSING sometimes! Well its FINALLY over and I have internet again, so I will be posting EVERY DAY hopefully! Its been a long night, and I have a lot to do tomorrow, and get more stuff set up for sale on Fine Art America, and on my other blogs as well! I have missed so much, but YES the wait is FINALLY over! YAY! btw the internet guy was awesome, or the Cable Guy, AHH HAHA! hehe. But he was super cool and did a great job and got us some FAST internet! Thanks so much to you!!

Oh and I am SOO excited to have so many views, not only from The States, but my new friends in France, and Germany.  Hello!!  Welcome to my page!!! So glad you are here, and I hope to see you all the time either to show you some of my art, or to help you through our shared trouble with anxiety!!! Much love to the rest of my family in the rest of the world as well, Some who haven't even found this page yet!

 YOU! Right there, reading this! You are amazing, I love you, You are strong, and this world would NOT be the same without you being Just the way you are, EVEN a tornado of emotion like me!! Thank you! And don't forget, always be creative!!

I will see you tomorrow!

Goodnight (or good morning depending on where you are!)
P.S. You can call me Daynah, or SparkleP8nter the name I use on all my graphics!

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