Saturday, June 6, 2015


                                     Had a Great couple of days listening to a bunch of
people talk about things I have never done before! <br>
<br><br> Martin did a great job putting it together, Saw a lot of fabulous art! Learned a lot of strange and amazing things! Thank you for the experience! Though my body hurts for sitting a TON of hours for 2 days straight, at least I learned a lot of new things and did some awesome art in the process!

Still trying to keep focused on being positive, but still worried about rent... WE WILL MAKE IT! WE WILL HAVE ENOUGH! We Will! We Will!!

I worked on The elephant and the tree, though they had previously been started... The Free one I started Yesterday when I was listening to the first few speakers and been working on all of them throughout the 2 days :-)

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