Saturday, August 1, 2015

feeling better!!

So I've had a lot of me time, down time, feeling much calmer, better!! Best yet, I don't feel like a doormat. I don't feel used up anymore. Now I'm watching the Matrix. Very relaxed now that I don't have a self absorbed sociopath tangling me in her web of lies. Whether she does or doesn't do hardcore drugs, which I'm almost positive she does, maybe my words will help her wind down and be the mom she knows she could be. Maybe I scared it out of her...  I can think is hopefully it does. I hope she finds her way. I put all good thoughts towards her family, even though they don't care how much they hurt people, use them up. all goo d thoughts and energy towards them finding more love in their lives.I think them being here.. no I know them being here made my blood pressure rise immensely, as did my power bill. Now it is much calmer. My favorite part? Being able to pee in peace!!! Is that sad?  Now my energy will go to my art, and writing a book with my sister. I want to a semi scary, funny book. Now that I know how bad sociopaths  are, I want to touch on one far scarier, far worse than what I dealt with.

Here are a few sources of the warning signs and ways to cope, their family, and other issues. Be careful, and try not to waste your time arguing with someone who will never see it your way, nore care about your feelings in the end. Just don't give them their power anymore. Take back your own self worth. I wish I had read these before they left so I knew what I was up against.

10 Red Flags of Sociopathic Behavior

Come Play in South BeachDont's List For Dealing With Sociopaths


Children of Sociopaths

How to Deal with Sociopathic Women

Boy, do I need a vacation!!

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